Reputation Sign In Strategy

Online Review Software With 5 Simple Words

This process is so simple. With any internet connected device, we recommend tablets, your front desk staff simply asks the patient or customer to ‘sign in please’. People are accustomed to signing in, so it’s very friction free.
When we setup your account, we indicate how long after they sign before we reach out to them with a text message. It can be immediate or hours from then, even the next day.
They get a text asking them to share their experience and click a link, the link takes them to a simple page that says ‘Would you recommend us. Yes or No.
If they respond No, they are directed to a page that asks What was Wrong, Who Was Involved and How Can We Fix It. Their reply is sent directly to you.
When they reply YES, they are directed to a page with links to review directories like Google, Yelp, Yahoo etc.  and can leave a great review.

We believe in this so much, that we guarantee you 5 5 Star reviews in the first 30 days or you use it free until you get 5.


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