How to Handle Bad Reviews & Turn Them Into Fabulous Reviews

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How to Handle Bad Reviews & Complaints

Did you know that receiving negative feedback is a common occurrence? In fact, if Google doesn’t see at least one, it may believe your account to be fraudulent and have a detrimental impact on your SEO! But how do you react to the inevitable bad reviews that will arrive sooner or later? Today, we are going to delve into how to handle a bad review.

The most crucial aspect to keep in mind is that you can not ignore them! You must respond, in a courteous manner, so that the next reader understands that you care about your consumers. Then, if possible, take the discussion offline and attempt to assist solve the problem. Online fights or confrontations should never be prolonged. how to handle bad reviews

It’s also important to increase the number of excellent reviews that come in! A few negative reviews won’t hurt you; if you respond well, they might even assist if you have hundreds or thousands of excellent reviews!

The “Ethical Bribery” Strategy For More Reviews

When you read the headline, you may have assumed you were about to enter into questionable business. After all, bribes are generally a negative thing. However, bribes can be done in an ethical manner. Consider the last time you ordered a pizza. Was your receipt marked with anything about “free” cheesy bread if you completed an online survey? That’s an ethical bribe.

There’s a significant distinction between offering an incentive to review and simply paying for them.

how to handle bad reviews

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Another excellent technique is to provide them with something fantastic to start with and then request a review. Your customer will feel obligated to you as a result of this. This is why when restaurant waiters distribute complimentary mints with the bill, their gratuities are greater on average! People respond in kind!

Although you can’t eliminate negative feedback, there are a few techniques that you could utilize to decrease the quantity of it. For instance, utilizing only one review location is an intelligent choice; this takes away the chances that somebody will leave you negative feedback on locations where you don’t wish to receive them.

To encourage reviewers to leave you positive feedback, try providing them with extra items; this will make them feel like they’re actually getting something for their time and energy, as opposed to simply leaving you some remarks that may or might not help your company. It’ll also encourage them to look at the bright side.

When you receive a great review, email the consumer and thank them for it. This makes them feel valued, and you never know – they might send another one to you. These little things are great to know when learning how to handle bad reviews.

Make sure your website’s “About Us” page is up to date. It should contain a summary of your business’s story, as well as contact details. It is a good idea to include photos to give people a visual impression of your business.

Use local directories to get listed for maximum exposure. You can’t go wrong having your information available online, and it’s free… Many customers perform a Google search for local businesses before deciding where to purchase their products or services.

Include social media on your websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level, as well as increase traffic. For instance, if one of your reviewers “re-tweets” or posts a link to your business’s review on Facebook, this could bring in a new customer!

All of the suggestions in this article focus on a single, important principle: you must care about your consumer. Good or bad, always show that you appreciate them and value their satisfaction with your product or service. The better they feel about how you conduct business, the more likely they are to return, leaving future reviews for you!

Make something. Create more good reviews. We have a fantastic system that can assist you if you need inspiration. Ask us how!

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