Should I Concern Myself With Replying to Reviews?

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Should I Reply to Negative and Positive Reviews?

You may have heard that online review responses are important for businesses, but did you know that they also help your SEO? Reviews can be seen as a form of social proof and when you reply to them it tells Google that the business is active on the platform. This will increase your rankings in search engines. In this blog post, we will go through how replying to reviews helps with SEO and offers tips on crafting review responses! Positive reviews are the ones you love to reply to. You can thank the reviewer for their kind words and take this time to let them know about your bestsellers. If they liked one of your items, you could also offer some advice on what else they might like in-store! For negative reviews, there are two ways you can reply:

If the customer is unhappy with a certain aspect of their experience (for example if it was not clear where something was), then ask them to contact you so that you can fix the issue. You may even want to offer compensation or a gift card as an apology for any inconvenience caused by the miscommunication.

For customers whose online review makes them seem dissatisfied overall with your products or service, use this opportunity to highlight how other people have enjoyed themselves at your business because knowing others

How Do I Reply?

Think about how you would reply to a review online and then apply that to your business. You will want to be polite, check for spelling errors, thank them for their feedback and use keywords from the original post in your response if possible. When you post review responses, it should seem like an authentic conversation between two people rather than a company replying

How is SEO Affected?

One of the reasons that review responses are a good idea for SEO purposes is that they are seen as social proof. They tell Google that the business has an active profile on the platform and when you reply back, this will result in increased rankings online.

What Exactly Is SEO?

Before we get into how online review responses help with your SEO ranking it can be helpful if we take a minute to define what SEO is.

Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” as it’s often called for short, refers to the use of techniques and methods that aim to improve your website rankings in online search engine results pages (SERPS). These ranking improvements are sought by making changes such as adding new content on a site to attract links from other sites that are also relevant to the topic.

Replying Back to Reviews

So when you reply back to online reviews, it is telling Google that your business has an active profile on their platform and by doing this you will end up with increased rankings in SERPS which are achieved through link-building methods such as social proof.

Are The Replies Spammy?

The problem with an online review response is that they’re often mistaken for spam because you’re trying to sell your products and services. You should reply as a normal customer would, not the company.

How Should My Content Sound?

The content of online reviews affects search engine rankings for certain keywords so if someone is looking for something specific on Google like “lawn mowing service” then they might end up finding your business in their SERPS due to the keyword being in the online reviews.

While it may seem like a good idea at first, you should refrain from replying with things that would be seen as spammy or ‘all about you’.

So What Can You Do To Help Your Online Reviews?

– Respond politely, and positively. Make sure the person knows that you read their review by using a simple “Thank You” at the end of your review responses. Include some form of social proof such as mentioning other customers who have said great things about your company or how long your business has been in existence.

– Make an effort to solve the problem that was brought up in the review, if it is something you are able to do so. If they say your prices were high, offer a coupon for the next time or tell them about any specials you may be running so they can get their money’s worth out of their purchase.

Why Do People Leave Bad Reviews?

Many people leave reviews because they are unhappy about something but you can show them that you care by addressing the problem in a polite way. One of the problems with ignoring negative reviews is that the customer already believes that they are not important to you or your business. So, when they leave a negative review, and you ignore it, they are affirmed in their belief.

No Automation!!

If you reply to a review online, make sure that it is not an automated response. A good rule of thumb when review responses is if the reviewer left their email for you in the comment thread, follow up with them personally via email and address any concerns they have.

Be Thankful

You should be thankful for every customer who takes the time to comment either positively or negatively to your interaction.

In conclusion, online reviews are an important way to increase customer satisfaction, and it is important for the business owner or manager to respond in a timely manner. Keep your review responses up to date.

Feedback-Reputation are both important
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